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PHI_Notes_2.19.08 - ○ Nothing more than a bunch of people...

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PHI 8/29/2008 Jose Alvarez Leibniz Metaphysics nee PUC PSR POP1 Principle of plentitude: anything that can exist does exist POP2 Principle of perfection: everything works out for the best Everything must be for the best is closely related to PUC and PSR Concept that evil would be/is irrational Knowing that PUC and PSR are logical means that everything works out for the best Moral Freedom Hard determinism Everything has a cause and must make sense Fatalism Pre-destination Presbyterians and Baptists Theological God’s decisions Jonathan Edwards Mechanistic Materialism Mechanical “Billiard Ball” Hobbes D’Holbach Radical Free Will Theory Exact opposite of Hard Determinism The “shit happens” view That maybe there is no cause and doesn’t have to make sense William James gets very close to Radical Free Will Soft Determinism Somewhere between Hard determinism and Radical Free Will
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Unformatted text preview: ○ Nothing more than a bunch of people gathered together who say they understand hard determinism ○ Every event (Ex) has a cause Which was caused by Ew, caused by Ep, … ○ The universe has a notion that everything has a cause, but if a different factor occurs then the outcome changes. ○ Closely related to psychological “behaviorism” • Theodicists PHI 8/29/2008 Jose Alvarez ○ Everything works out for the best ○ Closely related to Soft Determinism • Murder at Brockton ○ Theodicist things it worked out for the best ○ A regular person regrets that the murder happened ○ Hard determinist regrets murder but says it works out for the best If murder is bad, how can it be for the best • Indeterminism ○ Started by William James Close to Radical Free Will ○ The only time that a course of events becomes impossible is when it already happens ○...
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