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PHI_Notes_2.21.08 - PHI Metaphysics o Plato Jose Alvarez o...

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PHI 23:23:09 Jose Alvarez Metaphysics o Plato The allegory of the Cave Theory of Forms Notion that there is a real of things that are exactly what is ultimately real that is not in this world Appearance vs. reality o Descartes Meditations Find a Firm Foundation for Knowledge Resolutive-composite method If you resolve something into smaller pieces then create something in its place. o Tradition and Authority Are not knowledge but only opinion a belief Society and Individual Testing Related to Peirce o Uses a mathematical/geometrical model to back up his reasoning. o The Method of Hyperbolic Doubt Method of exaggerated doubt o Knew it was exaggerated but did it on purpose. o Not trying to stretch truth but find it Has 4 grounds for doubt o Sense experience o Dream Argument
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PHI 23:23:09 Jose Alvarez o Lunacy argument They have crap in their heads o Evil Genius Evil god rather than good god “I am; I exist: o Individualism is spawned and creates Epistemology Descartes produces cosmological and ontological arguments in proving the existence of God o Locke Empiricist Closet Cartesian Agreed with Descartes with almost everything except he didn’t believe in innate ideas but does believe in sense experience Says we can’t really know that the world exists o Barkley Idealist or Immaterialist Idealist makes it seem like he was a wishy-washer thinker
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