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STA_Notes_9.19.07 - each value occurring o Nonation p(x...

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STA Class 22:47:27 Ch 4 – Discrete Random Variables o Random variable—rule 4.1 two types of random variables (R.V.) o Discrete—countable EX: number of siblings, number of women hired o Continuous—can assume any number in an interval EX: height, weight, age, time o R.V. type helps to determine which statistical methods are most appropriate for a data set 4.2 Probability distribution for discrete random variables o Probability Distribution – lists all values of the variable along with the probability of
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Unformatted text preview: each value occurring o Nonation: p(x) Requirements: • 1. 0≤ p(x) ≤ 1for all values of x • 2. ∑ p(x) = 1 • Ex. Sickle cell anemia question o Let X = number out of 3 that got sickle cell anemia o (fig. 4.2 -1) • Coin Toss o Ex. Toss a fair coin 3 times. Let x = number of Heads. What is the distribution of x? o Fig 4.2-2...
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