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STA_Notes_9.21.07 - STA Class 4.3 Expected Values of...

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STA Class 05:59:47 4.3 Expected Values of Discrete Random Variables o Mean (expected value): ® = multiplied by μ = E(x) = x ® p(x) o Variance: ² = (x-μ)² p(x) σ ² = [ x² p(x)] - μ² σ o Ex. Sickle Cell Problem The expected number of children in 3 to get sickle cell anemia is: Fig 4.3-1 The variance is Fig 4.3 -2 #1 Handout, or 4.33 page 202 o Fig HO#1 – 1 o A. find the mean of x and the mean of y. compare. o B. find the standard deviation of x and the standard deviation of y. compare. o Answers HO#1-2 a o HO#1-3 b #2 from Ch 4 o Fig HO#2 -1 o Given that this is a valid probability distribution A. find the probability that x = 4 Find μ and σ
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STA Class 05:59:47 Find the prob. That x is greater than 2 Find the prob. that x equals 1.5 Find the prob that x is at most 6 Find the prob that x will b within 2 SD of µ o Answers HO#2 – 2 4.4 the Binomial Random Variable o Experiments where only 2 possible responses exist (success/failure) o Examples:
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