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FAD part2 - FAD part2 Open or closed door policy: an issue...

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FAD part2 Open or closed door policy: an issue with intimacy Intimacy is normally regarded as just being a sexual thing, but it is broader concept EX: I have an intimate relationship with my mother: I know her face I have an intimate relationship with my father: he’s my first boyfriend I have an intimate relationship with my husband: act alike, know a lot about eachother The effect on a relationship Eric- dated for 5 years, didn’t fart etc. not comfortable Discuss it Korean- Intimacy is different Displaying affection- kiss, pat on back, very stiff Dramas Dating Her cousins bf says rape isn’t rape b/c women responds physically to it. He expected her to do things for him without asking politely Other countries claim not to have homosexuality. It is b/c they don’t express themselves in those countries Gender: An individual’s self-concept of being male or female is based on the way the person acts, interacts, or feels about themselves -component of a person’s identity -based on social differences and expectations in male or female roles -transgender: variety of individuals, groups, and behaviors involving tendencies that diverge from the normative gender roles commonly, but not always, assigned at birth, as well as the role traditionally held by society -doesn’t imply specific form of sexual orientation Sex: the physical/biological difference between male and female -2 major forms of individuals -based on the biological role of reproduction -its about a person’s physical form and function -transsexual: a condition in which a person identifies with a physical sex different from the one that they were born with or assigned in cases where ambiguity of the child’s sex organ -having the wrong body for the gender a person really is Androgyny: having characteristics both male and female (remember PAT from SNL) -a spectrum of the characteristics -not a negative concept- think of it as a compliment if you are -dad’s philosophy: you are 1 st a person; look at people as an individual person, not by sex or race etc. How does all this affect our gender roles? -boys:more attention in the classroom especially with female teachers
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-math, sciences, competition -Girls: English, writing, cooperative -our college of human science used to be home-ec (MRS degree) Incorrect Views -Animalculists: claimed that fully formed ”little people” were contained in the heads of sperm, ready to grow when deposited in nurturing environment of the womb -Ovists: female’s ovaries contained tiny, already formed humans whose growth was activated by the males sperm -Wolff: demonstrated that embryos are not performed in either parent and the both contribute equally to the formation of a new being Fertilization -Gametes: sex cells -Ovum: female sex cells- female gametes -ovum- latin means egg or egg cell -Ova- more than one ovum -Girl is born with 2 million ova in her ovaries -held in FOLLICLE- each ovum is contained in its own small sac -ovum releases 1 every 28 days of so, can vary -Ovaries switch each month on releasing the ovum
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FAD part2 - FAD part2 Open or closed door policy: an issue...

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