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SYO 3100_Midterm Review Sheet - SYO 3100 Family Problems...

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SYO 3100 – Family Problems and Social Change Midterm Review Sheet The midterm exam will be on Tuesday, February 26th. A review session will be held during the last half of the class period on the Thursday before the exam. The questions will be based only on the items on this review sheet. Therefore, if it is not on here, you are not required to know it for the exam. The exam will consist of multiple-choice, matching, and short answer questions. The multiple-choice will consist of factual, conceptual, and applied questions. For the matching section, you will be given a five descriptions of theories that have been discussed over the first half of the semester and a list the names of the theories. You will be given nine short answer questions and you will have to answer six. You can ONLY answer six and if any more are answered, I will only grade the first six. The answers can be in any format that you wish (sentences, bullet points, etc) as long as they are answered. They should be no longer than 7 sentences. Multiple-Choice 30 X 2 points each 60 Matching 5 X 2 points each 10 Short Answer 6 X 5 points each 30 100 points Mostly from power point Theories of the Family * Know and understand the basic premise of each of the theories discussed in class Ecological – Urie Bronfenbrenner proposed “interlocking” systems that shape developmental growth
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Model of Development: Structural-functional – explores relationship between family and larger society. Instrumental and expressive roles are often assigned by gender. Family roles seen as functional or dysfunctional Conflict – based on ways people struggle over power and compete for scarce resources. Not just conflicts among family. Feminist – examine how gender impacts and institutions such as politics, religion, education and families. Has contributed to better understanding of family diversity, family violence, and parental roles and rights Symbolic interaction - explores subjective, interpersonal meaning and how we
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SYO 3100_Midterm Review Sheet - SYO 3100 Family Problems...

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