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Winter 2007 BA 240 W. Li 01/08/2007 QUIZ 2 Show your work clearly and completely. Keep at least THREE digits after decimal point. Name:_________________ ______ Due on Thursday, January 11 . Problem 1: Consider following sample of 10 quantitative measurements: 36 28 28 17 39 31 30 23 27 19 a) Calculate the Measures of Central Tendency. (3 Points) b) Describe the shape using part a). Justify your answer. (2 Points)
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Unformatted text preview: c) Calculate the Five-number Summary. (5 Points) d) Calculate the standard deviation. (3 Points) e) Find the z-score for the Maximum. (2 Points) f) Assume data is normal. Construct an interval that will include 95.44% of the data set above. (3 Points) g) Count how many data actually fall into the interval in part f), and what is the percentage of the data? (2 Points)...
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