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Winter 2007 BA 240 W. Li 01/02/2007 QUIZ 1 Due on Tuesday, 01/09/07 Name:_________________ _________ Problem 1: A high school guidance counselor would like to estimate the annual tuition costs (in U.S. dollars) of community colleges in the United States. He analyzed the data from 100 community colleges colleted from throughout the United States. a) Identify the population. (2 points) b) Identify the sample. (2 points) c) Identify the interest to the researcher. (2 points) d) Identify the data collection method used. (2 points) e) What type of data were collected, quantitative (state ratio or interval) or qualitative
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Unformatted text preview: (ordinal or nominal)? (2 Points) Problem 2: Consider following sample of 20 quantitative measurements: 87 76 99 77 94 97 88 85 66 89 79 91 51 90 83 88 82 52 60 69 a) Construct a Stem-and-Leaf display, be sure to label your stem and leaf unit clearly. (5 Points) b) Using a class interval width of 10, start with the lower boundary of the first class as 50, construct a Relative Frequency Histogram. Describe the shape of the Histogram. (5 Points)...
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