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BA 240 Winter 2007 W. Li 01/18/2007 QUIZ 3 Due on Thursday, January 25 . Name:_________________ ______ Problem 1 : In a survey of 100 students, 40% are Male students (MALE), 40% of all are in Business Major Students (BUSINESE), and 40% of Male students are in Business Major. a) Construct a two-way contingency table summarizing the claims data. Use the pairs of events MALE and FEMALE, BUSINESS and NONBUSINESS. (5 points) b) Find the probability of a chosen student is a FEMALE student. (3 points)
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Unformatted text preview: c) Find the probability of a chosen student who is a FEMALE and is in BUSINESS major (3 points) d) Do you think the events a chosen student is a male and a chosen student is in business major are independent? Justify your answer using the definition of independence. (3 points) e) Find the probability of BUSINESS major students who are MALE. (3 points) f) Find the probability that a chosen student is either in BUSINESS major or is a MALE student. (3 points)...
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