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O’Brien Morgan O’Brien February 21, 2008 EN 210 The Literary Elements and Structure of “Men at Forty” Donald Justice’s poem, “Men at Forty,” is an appealing poem that captures the interest and imagination of its readers. Not only is the content and imagery of the poem intriguing but the structural elements are especially effective. The content is very emotional and relatable. “Men at Forty” and “a song in the front yard” by Gwendolyn Brooks are both poems that tell a story. The reason for choosing to examine “Men at Forty” is because I enjoyed the expression of reflection compared to “a song in the front yard” which was more focused more heavily on the speakers imagination. Readers are drawn to “Men at Forty” because the structure is consistent and significant to the understanding the content and the overall purpose of the poem. Readers are also attracted to the poem because Justice uses artistic ways of combining tone, imagery and figures of speech to create an interesting and compelling poem. The actual content and ideas of “Men at Forty” capture the attention of its audience. If read carefully and more than once, a reader can fully understand and appreciate this piece. Reading the poem for the first time can make the poem seem regretful and upsetting. Readers who have only read this poem once will believe that men at forty are miserable and unsatisfied with their lives. Although if read again carefully, readers may find that the poem is more than a sob story. Misinterpreting the first stanza
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en210 forty - O'Brien Morgan O'Brien February 21, 2008 EN...

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