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islam-act of submission to God Islam-religion of those who confess such submission under GO d Qur 'an addresses those who believe in God as Muslims Theocentricity-concentration on God, existence of God taken for granted belief in the I God is foundation of existence of Muslims, unshakable Foundation of Muslim community and its legal order, premise of any Muslim theology w/ Judaism, strict monotheism took centuries to accomplish w/ Christianity- strict Monotheism was given, no inhibition about pronouncing Allah la ilaha illa 'llah- "No God but God" - only sin that excludes person from Muslim community is by claiming God has assosciate - Qur 'an protests against Jesus being made equal to God
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Unformatted text preview: unity and oneness of God- Bible interested in beginning of creation, Qu 'ran interested in progress and continuation, God s creative power today Qur' an says hardly any thing about 6 days of work and nothing about 7th-the day of creation on which God rested b/c God knows no weariness Life is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity that human beings can either use or waste. humans are servant of God and therefore free human beings arein debt to God for guiding them but also for leading them astray (pg. 83) Gods omnipotence + human responsibility are not contradictory...
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