it is pleasant to look at attractive people we

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Unformatted text preview: s pleasant to look at attractive people. We associate the pleasant feeling with the attractive person. –! Similar people confirm our views. That makes us feel good and those feelings become associated with the person. If we're similar, then there is less conflict, therefore more a ttraction. 1 Attractive women in other r oom doing the same task most participants were single young men. •! There are two different sets of rules that •! Clark and Mills (1979) study govern giving and receiving benefits in –! Male participants worked on a word task creating words from letter tiles. relationships (Clark & Mills, 1993): Acquanitences - interact on a regular basis - do –! Attractive confederate in another room •! Exchange relationships something and expect some kind of reward. –! Benefits are given with expectation of receiving comparable benefits in return. •! Communal relationships –! Benefits are given in response to the other’s needs or to demonstrate special concer...
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