Either with friends or strangers sem theory and three

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Unformatted text preview: person, etc. Some others were told it doesn't reflect your personality. Either with friends or strangers. •! SEM theory and three facts regarding attraction: –! Proximity increases reflection and comparison processes. If the effects are positive then proximity should increase liking. –! The effect of physical attractiveness in a relationship depends on the domain of comparison. –! In performance domain it is complementarity, not similarity, that is good for a close relationship. More difficult clues, less helping. Gave more difficult clues (do the tasks easier) when f riends. •! Passionate love is an emotional state + labelling the state as love for someone (Schachter, 1964). Our culture tells who is appropriate to fall in love with. If you're in the present of someone much older or younger, then we don't see it as acceptable. Find someone who is attractive, won't like someone when they are more or equally attractive. Partners are in same field - not good relationship because one is better than the other....
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