Much closer do more for the other person quality and

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Unformatted text preview: n for the other. Family. Much closer, do more for the other person - quality and quantity different. * Help without expecting things in return * Parents will pay for your education, but you wouldn't pay for your f riend to go to university. –! Cover story to create either communal or exchange relationship expectancy 2 conditions: 1 –! After task participants were asked to t transfer their extra letter tiles to the womanold that the women –! The woman either transferred her credits or is new to the school, and she thanked the participant wants to meet you –! Participants rated how much they liked the a fter. 2 - she's very woman Women either transfered her credits to the man, or she said only "thank you". busy, and this is the only time she can do the task, then her husband will pick her up. 200 No credits transferred Credits transferred 195 190 185 Liking 180 175 170 165 160 communal (new) Communal No credit transferred exchange (husband) Exchange Credit transferred Clark & Mills (1979) •! Social norms approach...
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