People strive to improve their self esteem through

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Unformatted text preview: room came to be associated with the stranger. •! People strive to improve their self-esteem through (Tesser & Collins, 1988): –! Reflection process Basking in glory. –! Comparison processCompare yourself to others who are worse than you - therefore feel good. •! The application of these process depends on the relevance of the domain. If someone in your program wins, then we don't like them. But if someone in another program wins, then you think you'd like them. 2 Level of difficulties of clues •! Tesser and Smith (1980) study –! Participants worked on a task that had either high or low relevance to them. –! All received negative feedback on their performance. –! Later, they had a chance to give easy or difficult clues on the same task to a friend or to a stranger. Tesser & Smith (1980) Difficulty of clues. Friends Strangers Low Relevance High Relevance Relevance of a performance domain Your performance displays your cleverness. Some are told it will show how you work, how you are as a...
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