We cannot adhere to the norms of communal and

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Unformatted text preview: and three facts regarding attraction: –! We cannot adhere to the norms of communal and exchange relationship unless we come into contact with the other person. –! This approach has little to say about physical attractiveness. –! We like those with similar attitudes because the other can best understand us and we can best understand the other. When you're neighbor asks you to do something, expect something in return. When your friend gives you $20 for helping her study, you don't like that - you helped her from the goodness of your heart. •! A)! B)! C)! D)! According to Griffitt (1970), participants in the pleasant room liked the stranger more than participants who were in the unpleasant room. This is because: in the pleasant room, 75% of strangers had similar attitudes to the participants. in the pleasant room, participants suppressed their negative attitudes. the strangers associated unpleasant feelings with attitudes. the feelings the participants experienced in the pleasant...
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