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Lecture 5 - Personality over time - Stability Change Coherence W11


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Unformatted text preview: ability over shorter intervals Stability in Childhood: Aggression in males More stability in smaller vs. larger time spans Stability in Childhood: Bullying & problems later in life Brody, 1996; Olweus, 1978, 1979 Different raters identified same youth as “bullies” At 24 years, 65% of “bullies” had felony convictions Stability in Adolescence: Traits Childhood Adolescence Adulthood Dominance, dependency, sociability, shyness Caspi & Bem, 1990 Stability in Adulthood: Big 5 Big 5 show relative stability in adulthood; especially > 50 yrs. But, openness, extraversion, neuroticism decline slightly until 50 yrs. Costa & McRae, 1994 Examples of Change Across the Lifespan Adulthood Adolescence Change in Adolescence: Self­esteem Self­esteem Males increase slightly in self­esteem; females tend to decrease Change in Adulthood: Ambition in business settings Howard & Bray, 1988 Ambition declined in a group of male managerial candidates Increases in autonomy, dominance, leadership, motivation Results due to men becoming more realistic about limits in promotion Change in Adulthood: Independence in women Helson & Picano, 1990 Div...
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