Lecture 15 - Sex, Gender & Personality W11


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Unformatted text preview: rences: Depression Women >> Men (2:1) overall (esp. ages 18­44) Women report more appetite symptoms Women report crying more; men are more aggressive Women more likely to seek help Sex Differences: Depression Nervous activity (& neuroticism) more common in women; inactivity more common in men Men more socially withdrawn & report more aches ; Women more hurt feelings / low esteem Women have higher rates of rumination (may lead to sustained symptoms) Men die by suicide at higher rates; Women attempt suicide at higher rates Sex Differences: Suicide Rates of death by suicide: Higher in men (4:1) Rates of suicide attempts: Higher in women (almost 3:1) Some Reasons: •Men use more lethal methods •Men seek help less often •Men abuse more alcohol/drugs at time of suicide •Women more likely to report past attempts Sex Differences: Suicidal Ideation Velting 1999 Neuroticism (depression, angry/hostility/negativity) all related to suicidal ideation For Females: High Neuro...
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