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Lecture 15 - Sex, Gender & Personality W11

50 sexdifferencesthebig5 agreeableness

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Unformatted text preview: sion Women slightly higher on gregariousness (d =–.15) Men slightly higher on activity level (d = .09) Men moderately higher on assertiveness (d = .50) Sex Differences: The Big 5 Agreeableness Women higher on trusting (d =–.25) & tender­mindedness (d =–.97) Women smile more than men (d =–.60) Sex Differences: The Big 5 Agreeableness Agreeableness Men more physically aggressive (moderate to large d) Men commit more violent crimes…. Violent Crime Arrest Rate (USA) Sex Differences: The Big 5 Conscientiousness Women slightly higher on order (d = ­.13) Sex Differences: The Big 5...
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