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Humanities Summary - Jose Bonilla(JLB4488 Unique 44820 The...

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Jose Bonilla (JLB4488) Unique # 44820 The use of the Humanities In “The use of the Humanities” (2008) Stanley Fish, enunciates his conception about the importance of investing money and time into the studying of humanities. Fish expresses his perception through the usage of rhetorical questions, justifications and the evaluation of sentiments from those who condemn it. Fish tells us that the value of the study of humanities is something inherent, and cannot be defined by any external measure (¶ 12) . Fish’s uses rhetorical questions and justifications to provide us with his personal compensation from the studying of humanities. “Why do I do it?” (¶4) He compares his contentment to that of athlete’s satisfaction. He characterizes his satisfaction as self-satisfaction and compares it to the satisfaction of it solving a puzzle” (¶5). According to Fish, this announced atonement devises from acknowledging that he shelters the opportunity to marvel at what only a few people are able to do with language (¶5)
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