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Texas Government - • There has been in increase of Latino...

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Texas Politics 03-24-08 One party state End of the civil war through the first half of 20 th century was dominated by democrats. There was a major shift to Republican support end of 20th A shift occurred because of the civil rights movement. (LBJ pushed this through) Suburbanization ( people who move from cities to suburbs) More Conservative whites migrated to Texas. More expensive models of fundraising. Trends in Texas Shifting demographics Urbanization/suburbanization Growth of Hispanic/Latino population (Immigration, Republican dominance Texas Legislature In session once every two years for 140 days ( the constitution stated this by giving government limitations) 2007 session ( There was an attempt to overthrow Speaker Tom Craddick’s leadership by angry Republicans) Craddick didn’t allow the motion. House parliamentarians resigned Attempt unsuccessful Racial demographics are starting to impact representation in the Texas legislature.
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Unformatted text preview: • There has been in increase of Latino members in the Texas legislature Last 3 Texas Governor • Anne Richards • George Bush • Rick Perry Texas governor and the plural executive • Divided power: independently elected, appointed officials, and more than 100 executive boards and commissions. Governor Jim Ferguson • 1917 Ferguson vetoed UT appropriations • Old allegation of misusing public money: he was impeached and convicted, Barred from holding office again. • 1924 successfully ran wife for governor: “Two governor for the price of one” Texas governor as a Policymaker • Public opinion leader • Relationship with legislators: use of outside groups • The plural executive Texas governor and Veto power • Veto power • 2/3 for an override • Lined item veto • Rick Perry and the “father’s day massacre” vetoed 78 bills Exam 2 • Do Practice questions. • Know about Shifting demographics and Texas politics...
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