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Final Review - nations that belong Understand the...

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Review for Final Definition of Religion The three elements of religion and define them (beliefs, practices, moral community The five functions of religion The two dysfunctions of religion The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective (the characterstics and definitions of each) Types of Religious Groups (Cults, Sects, Churches, Ecclesia) What is social change? Know the four ways social change transforms social life (know each perspective of change in-depth) The triadic division of the globe Know and understand the G-7, later the G-8. Know its mission and the
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Unformatted text preview: nations that belong. Understand the characteristics of the G-8 Power and the two forms of power (authority, coercion) Define government The three types of authority The 4 types of government Primaries Voting Patterns Special Interest Groups/Lobbyists Political Action Committees (PACs) in elections Pluralism in state government Three Conditions of War (understand what each conditions means) War & Terrorism: Why do nations go to war or commit terrorism? (understand what each means) The Consequences of War & Dehumanization (know what each consequence means)...
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