Social Change - Conflict Power and Global Politics The...

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Social Change A shift in the characteristics of culture and society How Social Change Transforms Social Life Four Social Revolutions From Gemeinshaft to Gesellschaft Capitalism, Modernization, and Industrialization Conflict, Power, and Global Politics Gemeinshaft to Gesellschaft From villages to city From intimate, long life relationships to impersonal, short term association Capitalism, Industrialization, and Modernization Capitalism: The breakup of feudal societies People were thrown off the land, creating a surplus of labor Industrialization: Economic surplus of capitalism laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution Modernization: Reflective of changes prompted by the Industrial Revolution
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Unformatted text preview: Conflict, Power, and Global Politics The arrangement of power among nations Global divisions began to occur The industrialization of nations, from the most advanced to the least advances Following social change during World War II… Triadic Division of the Globe The G-7 (/group of Seven) Japan-centered East (China?) Germany-centered Europe United States-centered PLUS Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy Later Russia, was added (G-8) The G-8 The G-8 is an Industrial mh They decide on how to divide up world markets and set politics to guide global economic matters The goal is too perpetuate dominance They dominate countries with raw materials in order to achieve goals...
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Social Change - Conflict Power and Global Politics The...

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