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Gender - while women earn 88 percent of bachelors in the...

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Gender What’s Gender Stratification? Unequal access to power, prestige and property on the basis of sex Issues of Sex and Gender Sex Biological Characteristics Female and Male Gender Social Characteristics Masculinity and Femininity Appropriate Behavior Gender Differences across Cultures Female Became a Minority Group World-wide gender is the primary division between people Minority applies because it refers to people discriminated on the basis of physical or cultural characteristics Origins of Patriarchy: A consequence of reproduction Females Limited by Childbearing Men Became Dominant as Hunters and Warriors Weapons, Trade, and Knowledge gained from Contact with Others Gave Men Power In contrast, just a LITTLE prestige was given to women for their taken for granted activities Gender Inequality in the US Conflict Theory Power Yields Privilege The Rise of Feminism Biology is not Destiny Stratification by Gender Should Be Resisted “Men earn 81 percent of bachelor degrees in the “masculine” field of engineering,
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Unformatted text preview: while women earn 88 percent of bachelors in the feminine field of home economics” Definition of “masculine” and “feminine” is all social. Gender Inequality in the Workplace The Glass Ceiling Women can see the top (occupational advancement, yet unable to reach it) Can see through it, just can’t get through it The Glass Escalator Men in all occupations are able to see the top and often find themselves riding straight there—barrier free. Nonstop motion to the stop, structures encourage that Sexual Harassment Unwanted sexual attention at work or at school, which may affect a person’s job or school performance or create a hostile environment Gender and Violence Violence Against Women Forcible Rape – Most victims know their attacker Date Rape – unwanted, forced, and/or coerced Murder – When a women is murdered, nine times out of ten, it was at the hands of a man; honor killings...
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  • Fall '08
  • Gender Sex Biological Characteristics, activities Gender Inequality, Gender Social Characteristics, Gender Sex Biological, Male Gender Social Characteristics Masculinity

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