Race and Ethnicity - economic advantage. Segregation :...

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Race and Ethnicity Theories of Prejudice Psychological Perspectives - Frustration and scapegoats o Blaming the victim sometimes? - The Authoritarian Personality Sociological Perspectives - Functionalism: For German, Americans, etc. prejudices proved beneficial - Conflict Theory: Pitted groups against one another, unequal distribution, no benefits, slavery was dysfunctional for America - Symbolic Internationalism o Labels create prejudice o Self-fulfilling prophesy Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations Genocide: An attempt to destroy or annihilate an entire population of people. Population Transfer: Indirect Transfer (making life so unbearable populations leave) Direct Transfer (dominant group expels minority group) Internal Colonialism: The dominant group exploits minority groups for its
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Unformatted text preview: economic advantage. Segregation : Separation of racial/ethnic groups Assimilation : The process by which the minority group is absorbed into the mainstream culture Examples: dominant group refuses language, religious practices, etc. Multiculturalism: Also referred to as Pluralism, permits and encourages racial and ethnic variation. European Americans-Nations Founders Included Only Those from England (WASPs)-Other White Europeans Inferior Asian Americans Background of Discrimination-The Chinese made up 90 percent of Central Pacific Railroads-Japanese Americans o President Roosevelt ordered that everyone that one-eighth Japanese or more be confined to interment camps; no crimes, no charges, no trials...
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Race and Ethnicity - economic advantage. Segregation :...

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