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History 131: U.S. History since 1877 Quinney Spring 2008 PROMPT FOR WRITING PROJECT #1 Based on your reading of Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, Who Were the Progressives? Please respond to the following prompt in a 3-5 page essay. The burst of political and social reform that characterized American life at the turn of the twentieth century has long been labeled “progressivism.” However, historians have disagreed about how to define it. After having read the historical debates over the content of progressivism, the reasons for its emergence, its impact on American society, and who might be counted among the progressives, offer your own explanation for who they were. Who joined the Progressive movement? What were their motives? What were their objectives? Who were the Progressives? Address every question . Be sure to answer every question in the prompt. To avoid overlooking a question, it may help to use the prompt questions to organize your essay. Include an introduction . Lay out for your reader the organizational plan for the essay. State your main argument (thesis). You are encouraged to introduce the book in the first or second paragraph of your essay, so that your references are clear throughout. Think for yourself.
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Progressive%20Era%20Essay%20Q%20SP08_MW - History 131: U.S....

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