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Nontraditional promotion a ambassadors program

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Unformatted text preview: entives such as free books or free laundry for a year aimed specifically at college students who buy our product so we can maintain that relationship and reinforce our brand. Promotional Mix 1. Advertising: a. Create on cohesive tag line ­ “College is Hard, Laundry doesn’t Have to Be” and place it on all advertisements b. Banner Ads (on Facebook and Google searches that are geared towards college students) c. College Radios d. Flier College Campus ­ match the color scheme of the fliers to match that of the college’s colors e. Billboards around high traffic areas (such as bus stops)  ­ the color scheme would match that of the fliers and the school’s colors 2. Public Relations a. Viral Video Campaign ­ the ambassadors would create hype for the product by making a video competition amongst their peers for “how do you get clean.” The winner of the competition would get a year’s worth of Tide Triple Threat Samples and the ambassadors could use the videos at different promotional events around campus. b. Ambassadors talking to friends and peers about the new product. c. Partner with Target ­ Set up displays in stores that are closest to college campuses 3. Promotions and Sales Efforts a. Coupons ­ give aways coupons at different events around campus. (for example during welcome home week at Georgia Tech or place them in the “Buzz ­Bags” that are distributed to everyone who lives in on campus housing) b. Samples at expos, including Tide Triple Threat t ­shirts c. Samples in “mom magazines” ­ starting in late spring/summer d. Samples at move in dates ­ have the ambassadors be around dorms during move ­in dates and hand out samples to incoming students 4. Non ­Traditional Promotion a. Ambassadors Program ­ increase by 100% to be on a total of 10 college campuses. b. Twitter ­ #TideTripleThreat c. Facebook ­ Create Ads and Groups that give away samples and/or coupons. Budget: 50%  ­Ambassadors Program - Ambassadors Stipend - Samples/Promotional Items - Expo Materials 20% ­ Billboards/Fliers/Radio ­ specifically at colleges 30% ­ Social Network Ads, Banner Ads, Samples in Magazines PART 9 Implementation and Control: A. Provid...
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