Part 7 distribution strategy a summarize the channel

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Unformatted text preview: and operating at a profit margin of 8%, that all corporate, manufacturing, and related costs will total approximately $7.36. We do expect our individual costs to be lower due to our company being approximately 7 times their size in terms of Revenue. ● There is a strong demand for our product as displayed by our survey results as well as the moderate success of Purex 3 ­in ­1. In order to succeed, we will have to beat out our main competitor ­ ­something our pricing strategy reflects. Our pricing strategy is to use promotional pricing to undercut the market and create demand. Following the promotional pricing period, we plan to increase the price, and at that point rely on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction for those customers who have both used and enjoyed the product at it’s launch. PART 7 Distribution strategy: A. Summarize the channel or channels of distribution that will be utilized for distribution of your proposed product and justify these choices: Tide Triple Threat will begin as a marketing test in towns and cities with multiple colleges and universities such as Atlanta, GA. This test marketing strategy will allow Proctor & Gamble to evaluate how to reach college students in similar areas and in areas with low concentrations of college students. After the test market research is conducted, P&G will use a high intensity distribution strategy in order to saturate the market. Please see Part 7 for more information on how the communications strategy works with the distribution strategy in the marketing plan. If Tide Triple Threat is not on the shelves at every grocery, super, or other type of store, then consumers will chose from a number of other detergents for convenience sake. P&G will partner with stores who sell laundry products such as grocery and super stores in order to get Tide Triple Treat to the consumer through indirect distribution strategies. While we will only be heavily advertising in college towns, we will attempt to heavily saturate the market. Every Target, Walmart, Kroger and Mom and Pop should have Tide triple Threat on the shelves at the release date ­ in college towns or not. B. Describe any important elements of logistics necessary for distribution of...
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