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Through our ambassadors program we plan to stimulate

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Unformatted text preview: the product, i.e., transportation, warehousing, etc.: Tide Triple Threat will need to be stored in dry areas in order to preserve the nature of the product. Tide Triple Threat can be transported and warehoused in bulk packaging in order to save space. Transportation via rail for long distances or truck for short distances will decrease cost and keep the product dry. PART 8 Communications strategy: Describe how you propose to promote the new product. Note: Your communications strategy can include tactics from prior campaigns and/or new promotion strategies. Summarize how you will use any of these elements of the promotion mix to promote your product: i. Advertising ii. Public relations iii. Promotions and Sales efforts iv. Non ­traditional promotion (social media etc.) Promotional Objectives: We want to build awareness of Tide’s Triple Threat all in one detergent sheet by increasing Tide’s presence on college campuses through our Ambassador’s Program. Through our ambassador’s program we plan to stimulate interest by having different expos throughout the year that shows off our new product so we can establish a need for this product in the college student market. At the expos, the ambassadors will provide information about the new product including its ease of use, price comparison, and the sheet’s all around benefits compared to regular liquid detergent. The Ambassadors would also give demonstrations of the product using different colored Tide shirts to show the color catcher strength, then giveaway the shirts to observers so they could smell and feel the quality of the shirts that the laundry sheets keep in tact. Additionally, we plan to hand out samples of the product at the expos, move ­in dates, and Target/P & G’s “ReadyU” night. Over the summer, we hope to create hype among parents by placing free samples in magazines that are targeted towards families and mothers. Additionally, we plan on conducting surveys that offer inc...
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