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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 1:---------- 40's/50's - attack on conformity ~ "I have my set of values, and will act accordingly" confirmity = other directives Perry Mason (dense lawyer) - 1950's icon, works within the legal system, trial in Perry Mason novel and television show, he re killers in Perry Mason often commit crimes of calculation, not passion Someone loses his arm saving Mike Hammer, Hammer takes crusade to avenge jack "I'm going to get the louse that killed yo Mike Hammer represents anticommunism, he is nonpolitical (doesn't vote), communism is greatest threat to America Mike Hammer enters communist cell, and wants to kill all of them (communists kidnap Zelda (Hammer's secretary), saved by Mike Hammer is a tough American (there is fear of Americans going soft after the war), reflected in other heroes like Superma Lecture 2:---------- Western remained genre accepted by American culture, associated with John Wayne, stauch anti-Communist Western greatest period: 1930's-1960's, period of decline in 60's John Ford director who used John Wayne, makes sophisticated Westerns John Wayne representative of American tough, first big hit was Big Trail "no great trail was every blazed without hardship...yo Started making war movies (combat veteran of movies) like Flying Tiger and Bataan John Ford concerned with how society established itself in the west, obsessed with history, mythmaking, truthtelling and relati Wayne & Ford collaborated on film Ford Apache, a celebration of order and harmony in the army, where people of different et American society needs its myths John Ford shows that Westerns can be sophisticated Another movie about Indian wars "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" Show morally unambiguous view of how the west was won, 50's western TV series: good guy always win because civilization Movies however are much more ambiguous Most famous John Wayne line in Western: "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" (trying to tell you that the winnin Wayne makes film "Green Berets" in 60's which may as well be a Western ("Out here due process is a bullet") John Wayne politics contributed to view of unambiguity, John Wayne was presidential candidate? John Wayne HATES ambiguity, wins Oscar for film True Grit 60's: people become more aware of country's racism, imperialism Look at # television shows in 50's, will see that they dominate TV during time period ~ most are classic Westerns 60's: # of Western films declined because context for Western films changed dramatically When does the Western make a comeback? Lecture 3:---------- Liberace - surviving twin, entertainer in post World War 2 America Liberace understood and exploited middlebrow asthetics (that most Americans aspired to be more than consumers of pop cul Serves as model for Elvis & Elton John, tells about view of homosexuals in American pop culture 40's: Liberace big hit as a performer, one of first performers to furnish the stage in way to connect with suburban middle class Liberace's appeal was largely to women...
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Lecture Notes (Full Set) - Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture...

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