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Unformatted text preview: te of change of entropy · Qout Tb · Sgen 0 Substituting, the rate of entropy generation is determined to be · Sgen · m 3s3 · m 1s1 (322.7 · m 2s2 0.18172 · Qout Tb 300 0.03607 22.7 1.7405) Btu/min · R 180 Btu/min 530 R 8.65 Btu/min · R Discussion Note that entropy is generated during this process at a rate of 8.65 Btu/min · R. This entropy generation is caused by the mixing of two fluid streams (an irreversible process) and the heat transfer between the mixing chamber and the surroundings through a finite temperature difference (another irreversible process). EXAMPLE 7–21 Entropy Generation Associated with Heat Transfer A frictionless piston-cylinder device contains a saturated liquid–vapor mixture of water at 100°C. During a constant-pressure process, 600 kJ of heat is transferred to the surrounding air at 25°C. As a result, part of the water vapor contained in the cylinder condenses. Determine (a) the entropy change of the water and (b) the total entropy generation during this heat transfer process. SOLUTION We first t...
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