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71 the cyclic device receives heat dqr from the

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Unformatted text preview: ersible cyclic device (Fig. 7–1). The cyclic device receives heat dQR from the reservoir and supplies heat dQ to the system whose absolute temperature at that part of the boundary is T (a variable) while producing work dWrev. The system produces work dWsys as a result of this heat transfer. Applying the energy balance to the combined system identified by dashed lines yields Thermal reservoir TR δ QR Reversible cyclic device δ Wrev T Combined system (system and cyclic device) FIGURE 7–1 The system considered in the development of the Clausius inequality. dWC dQR dEC where dWC is the total work of the combined system (dWrev dWsys) and dEC is the change in the total energy of the combined system. Considering that the cyclic device is a reversible one, we have δQ System 0 QR TR δ Wsys Q T where the sign of dQ is determined with respect to the system (positive if to the system and negative if from the system) and the sign of dQR is determined with respect to the reversible cyclic device. Eliminating dQR from the two relations above yields dWC TR Q T dEC We now let the system undergo a cycle while the cyclic device undergoes an integra...
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