724 as a result the entropy and the level of

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Unformatted text preview: sult, the entropy and the level of molecular disorder or randomness of the hot body will decrease with the entropy and the level of molecular disorder of the cold body will increase. The second law requires that the increase in entropy of the cold body be greater than the decrease in entropy of the hot body, and thus the net entropy of the combined system (the cold body and the hot body) increases. That is, the combined system is at a state of greater disorder at the final state. Thus we can conclude that processes can occur only in the direction of increased overall entropy or molecular disorder. That is, the entire universe is getting more and more chaotic every day. From a statistical point of view, entropy is a measure of molecular randomness, that is, the uncertainty about the positions of molecules at any instant. Even in the solid phase, the molecules of a substance continually oscillate, creating an uncertainty about their position. These oscillations, however, fade as the temperature is decreased, and the molecules supposedly become motionless at absolute zero. This represen...
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