A second and more practical way of reducing the

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Unformatted text preview: inimizing the compressor work is to approach an internally reversible process as much as possible by minimizing the irreversibilities such as friction, turbulence, and nonquasi-equilibrium compression. The extent to which this can be accomplished is limited by economic considerations. A second (and more practical) way of reducing the compressor work is to keep the specific volume of the gas as small as possible during the compression process. This is done by maintaining the temperature of the gas as low as possible during compression since the specific volume of a gas is proportional to temperature. Therefore, reducing the work input to a compressor requires that the gas be cooled as it is compressed. To have a better understanding of the effect of cooling during the compression process, we compare the work input requirements for three kinds of processes: an isentropic process (involves no cooling), a polytropic process (involves some cooling), and an isothermal process (involves maximum coo...
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