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Unformatted text preview: rk that a pressurized liquid would do if allowed to expand reversibly and adiabatically to the pressure of the surroundings can be viewed as the explosive energy of the pressurized liquid. Because of the very short time period of the explosion and the apparent calm afterward, the explosion process can be considered to be adiabatic with no changes in kinetic and potential energies and no mixing with the air. Hot water tank 100 L 2 MPa FIGURE P7–152 cen54261_ch07.qxd 11/18/03 9:58 AM Page 346 346 FUNDAMENTALS OF THERMAL-FLUID SCIENCES Consider a 100-L hot-water tank that has a working pressure of 0.5 MPa. As a result of some malfunction, the pressure in the tank rises to 2 MPa, at which point the tank explodes. Taking the atmospheric pressure to be 100 kPa and assuming the liquid in the tank to be saturated at the time of explosion, determine the total explosion energy of the tank in terms of the TNT equivalence. (The explosion energy of TNT is about 3250 kJ/kg, and 5 kg of TNT can cause total destruction of unreinforced structures within about a 7-m radius.) process, determine (a) the final temper...
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