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Because of the very short time period of the

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Unformatted text preview: ntil the final temperatures of the two bodies Tf become m, C T1 QH HE W QL m, C T2 FIGURE P7–151 7–152 The explosion of a hot-water tank in a school in Spencer, Oklahoma, in 1982 killed 7 people while injuring 33 others. Although the number of such explosions has decreased dramatically since the development of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code, which requires the tanks to be designed to withstand four times the normal operating pressures, they still occur as a result of the failure of the pressure relief valves and thermostats. When a tank filled with a high-pressure and hightemperature liquid ruptures, the sudden drop of the pressure of the liquid to the atmospheric level causes part of the liquid to flash into vapor, and thus to experience a huge rise in its volume. The resulting pressure wave that propagates rapidly can cause considerable damage. Considering that the pressurized liquid in the tank eventually reaches equilibrium with its surroundings shortly after the explosion, the wo...
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