Determine a the amount of heat transfer and b the

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Unformatted text preview: etermine the total entropy generated during this process, in Btu/R. cen54261_ch07.qxd 11/18/03 9:58 AM Page 343 343 CHAPTER 7 7–129E Steam enters a diffuser at 20 psia and 240°F with a velocity of 900 ft/s and exits as saturated vapor at 240°F and 100 ft/s. The exit area of the diffuser is 1 ft2 . Determine (a) the mass flow rate of the steam and (b) the rate of entropy generation during this process. Assume an ambient temperature of 77°F. 7–130 Steam expands in a turbine steadily at a rate of 25,000 kg/h, entering at 8 MPa and 450°C and leaving at 50 kPa as saturated vapor. If the power generated by the turbine is 4 MW, determine the rate of entropy generation for this process. Assume the surrounding medium is at 25°C. Answer: 8.38 kW/K 8 MPa 450°C 7–133 A 0.4-m3 rigid tank is filled with saturated liquid water at 200°C. A valve at the bottom of the tank is now opened, and one-half of the total mass is withdrawn from the tank in the liquid form. Heat is transferred to water from a source at 250°C so that the temperature in the tank remains con...
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