Determine the total entropy generated during this

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Unformatted text preview: S mCav ln(T2/T1). Show that for thermal energy reservoirs, such as large lakes, this relation reduces to ∆S Q/T. 7–164 The inner and outer glasses of a 2-m 2-m doublepane window are at 18°C and 6°C, respectively. If the glasses are very nearly isothermal and the rate of heat transfer through the window is 110 W, determine the rates of entropy transfer through both sides of the window and the rate of entropy generation within the window, in W/K. 7–166 A passive solar house that is losing heat to the outdoors at 3°C at an average rate of 50,000 kJ/h is maintained at 22°C at all times during a winter night for 10 h. The house is to be heated by 50 glass containers, each containing 20 L of water that is heated to 80°C during the day by absorbing solar energy. A thermostat controlled 15 kW backup electric resistance heater turns on whenever necessary to keep the house at 22°C. Determine how long the electric heating system was on that night and the amount of entropy generated during the night. 7–167E A 15-ft3 steel con...
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