Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: nozzle steadily at 280 kPa and 77°C with a velocity of 50 m/s and exits at 85 kPa and 320 m/s. The heat losses from the nozzle to the surrounding medium at 20°C are estimated to be 3.2 kJ/kg. Determine (a) the exit temperature and (b) the total entropy change for this process. 7–77 Reconsider Prob. 7–76. Using EES (or other) software, study the effect of varying the surrounding medium temperature from 10 C to 40 C on the exit temperature and the total entropy change for this process, and plot the results. Reversible Steady-Flow Work 7–78C In large compressors, the gas is frequently cooled while being compressed to reduce the power consumed by the compressor. Explain how cooling the gas during a compression process reduces the power consumption. 7–79C The turbines in steam power plants operate essentially under adiabatic conditions. A plant engineer suggests to end this practice. She proposes to run cooling water through the outer surface of the casing to cool the steam as it flows through the turbine. This way...
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