Heat and entropy are entering from one side of the

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Unformatted text preview: m since no mass crosses the system boundary during the process. We note that the entropy change of the wall is zero during this process since the state and thus the entropy of the wall do not change anywhere in the wall. Heat and entropy are entering from one side of the wall, and leaving from the other side. Assumptions 1 The process is steady, and thus the rate of heat transfer through the wall is constant. 2 Heat transfer through the wall is one-dimensional. Analysis The rate form of the entropy balance for the wall simplifies to · · Sin Sout 14243 · Sgen { Rate of entropy generation Rate of change of entropy · · Q Q T in T out 1035 W 1035 W 293 K 278 K · Sgen 0 · Sgen 0 Therefore, the rate of entropy generation in the wall is · Sgen, wall 0.191 W/K Note that entropy transfer by heat at any location is Q /T at that location, and the direction of entropy transfer is the same as the direction of heat transfer. To determine the rate of total entropy generation during this heat transfer process, we exte...
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