I what is entropy it is clear from the previous

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Unformatted text preview: It is clear from the previous discussion that entropy is a useful property and serves as a valuable tool in the second-law analysis of engineering devices. But this does not mean that we know and understand entropy well. Because we do not. In fact, we cannot even give an adequate answer to the question, What is entropy? Not being able to describe entropy fully, however, does not take anything away from its usefulness. We could not define energy either, but it did not interfere with our understanding of energy transformations and the conservation of energy principle. Granted, entropy is not a household word like energy. But with continued use, our understanding of entropy will deepen, and our appreciation of it will grow. The next discussion will shed some light on the physical meaning of entropy by considering the microscopic nature of matter. Entropy can be viewed as a measure of molecular disorder, or molecular randomness. As a system becomes more disordered, the positions of the molecules become less predictable and the entropy increases. Thus, it is not surpri...
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