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If no irreversibilities occur within the system as

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Unformatted text preview: ation cycles. If no irreversibilities occur within the system as well as the reversible cyclic device, then the cycle undergone by the combined system will be internally reversible. As such, it can be reversed. In the reversed cycle case, all the quantities will have the same magnitude but the opposite sign. Therefore, the work WC, which could not be a positive quantity in the regular case, cannot be a negative quantity in the reversed case. Then it follows that WC, int rev 0 since it cannot be a positive or negative quantity, and therefore Q T 0 (7–2) int rev for internally reversible cycles. Thus, we conclude that the equality in the Clausius inequality holds for totally or just internally reversible cycles and the inequality for the irreversible ones. To develop a relation for the definition of entropy, let us examine Eq. 7–2 more closely. Here we have a quantity whose cyclic integral is zero. Let us think for a moment what kind of quantities can have this characteristic. We know that the cyclic integral of wo...
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