If sufficient heat is removed the value of n

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Unformatted text preview: and the isothermal compression constant) requires the minimum. The work input (T constant or Pυ requirement for the polytropic case (Pυ n constant) is between these two and decreases as the polytropic exponent n is decreased, by increasing the heat rejection during the compression process. If sufficient heat is removed, the value of n approaches unity and the process becomes isothermal. One common way of cooling the gas during compression is to use cooling jackets around the casing of the compressors. Multistage Compression with Intercooling It is clear from these arguments that cooling a gas as it is compressed is desirable since this reduces the required work input to the compressor. However, often it is not possible to have adequate cooling through the casing of the compressor, and it becomes necessary to use other techniques to achieve effective cooling. One such technique is multistage compression with intercooling, where the gas is compressed in stages and cooled between each stage by passing it through a hea...
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