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If the glasses are very nearly isothermal and the

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Unformatted text preview: 347 CHAPTER 7 of the extraction steam is constant at the value for 1 MPa, 200 C, and decrease the extraction steam pressure from 1 MPa to 100 kPa. Plot both the ratio of the mass flow rates of the extracted steam and the feedwater heater and the total entropy change for this process per unit mass of the feedwater as functions of the extraction pressure. 7–162E A 3-ft3 rigid tank initially contains refrigerant-134a at 120 psia and 100 percent quality. The tank is connected by a valve to a supply line that carries refrigerant-134a at 160 psia and 80°F. The valve is now opened, allowing the refrigerant to enter the tank, and is closed when it is observed that the tank contains only saturated liquid at 140 psia. Determine (a) the mass of the refrigerant that entered the tank, (b) the amount of heat transfer with the surroundings at 120°F, and (c) the entropy generated during this process. 7–163 During a heat transfer process, the entropy change of incompressible substances, such as liquid water, can be determined from ...
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