One army that consists of 10 divisions is 10 times

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Unformatted text preview: at consists of 10 divisions is 10 times more powerful than 10 armies each consisting of a single division. Likewise, one country that consists of 10 states is more powerful than 10 countries, each consisting of a single state. The United States would not be such a powerful country if there were 50 independent countries in its place instead of a single country with 50 states. The European Union has the potential to be a new economic superpower. The old cliché “divide and conquer” can be rephrased as “increase the entropy and conquer.” We know that mechanical friction is always accompanied by entropy generation, and thus reduced performance. We can generalize this to daily life: friction in the workplace with fellow workers is bound to generate entropy, and thus adversely affect performance (Fig. 7–27). It will result in reduced productivity. Hopefully, someday we will be able to come up with some procedures to quantify entropy generated during nontechnical activities, and maybe even pinpoint its primary sources and magni...
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