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Unformatted text preview: opy transfer term in the above relation drops out and the entropy change of the closed system becomes equal to the entropy generation within the system boundaries. That is, Adiabatic closed system: Sgen ∆Sadiabatic system (7–80) Noting that any closed system and its surroundings can be treated as an adiabatic system and the total entropy change of a system is equal to the sum of the entropy changes of its parts, the entropy balance for a closed system and its surroundings can be written as Surroundings: Sgen ∆S ∆Ssystem ∆Ssurroundings Surroundings (7–81) me se Control volume Q mi si T Q + mi si – me se + Sgen T Entropy Entropy transfer transfer by heat by mass ∆SCV = { where ∆Ssystem m(s2 s1) and the entropy change of the surroundings can be determined from ∆Ssurr Qsurr / Tsurr if its temperature is constant. At initial stages of studying entropy and entropy transfer, it is more instructive to start with the general form of the entropy balance (Eq. 7–76) and to simplify it for the problem under consideration. The specific relations above are convenient to use after a certain degree of intuitive understanding of the material is achieved. Control Volumes...
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