The inequality sign in the preceding relations is a

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Unformatted text preview: The inequality sign in the preceding relations is a constant reminder that the entropy change of a closed system during an irreversible process is always greater than the entropy transfer. That is, some entropy is generated or created during an irreversible process, and this generation is due entirely to the presence of irreversibilities. The entropy generated during a process is called entropy generation and is denoted by Sgen. Noting that the difference between the entropy change of a closed system and the entropy transfer is equal to entropy generation, Eq. 7–7 can be rewritten as an equality as 2 Ssys S2 S1 1 Q T Sgen (7–9) Note that the entropy generation Sgen is always a positive quantity or zero. Its value depends on the process, and thus it is not a property of the system. Also, in the absence of any entropy transfer, the entropy change of a system is equal to the entropy generation. Equation 7–7 has far-reaching implications in thermodynamics. For an isolated system (or simply an adiabatic closed system), the heat transfer is zero, and Eq...
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