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Unformatted text preview: e a place for everything (minimum uncertainty), and it takes minimum energy for them to locate something. Inefficient people, on the other hand, are disorganized and lead high-entropy lives. It takes them minutes (if not hours) to find something they need, and they are likely to create a bigger disorder as they are searching since they will probably conduct the search in a disorganized manner (Fig. 7–26). People leading high-entropy lifestyles are always on the run, and never seem to catch up. You probably noticed (with frustration) that some people seem to learn fast and remember well what they learn. We can call this type of learning organized or low-entropy learning. These people make a conscientious effort to file the new information properly by relating it to their existing knowledge base and creating a solid information network in their minds. On the other hand, people who throw the information into their minds as they study, with no effort to secure it, may think they are learning. They...
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