This idealized model cycle enabled us to determine

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Unformatted text preview: ch as heat engines and refrigerators, by comparing the actual cycles to the idealized ones, such as the Carnot cycle. A cycle that was composed entirely of reversible processes served as the model cycle to which the actual cycles could be compared. This idealized model cycle enabled us to determine the theoretical limits of performance for cyclic devices under specified conditions and to examine how the performance of actual devices suffered as a result of irreversibilities. Now we extend the analysis to discrete engineering devices working under steady-flow conditions, such as turbines, compressors, and nozzles, and we examine the degree of degradation of energy in these devices as a result of irreversibilities. However, first we need to define an ideal process that will serve as a model for the actual processes. Although some heat transfer between these devices and the surrounding medium is unavoidable, many steady-flow devices are intended to operate under adiabatic conditions. Therefore, the model process for these devices should be an adiabatic one. Furthermore, an ideal process should involv...
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