To complete the discussion let us consider the case

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Unformatted text preview: at loss), and thus the entropy change of water will be 1.61 kJ/K. Also, the entropy transfer at the boundary of the extended system will have the same magnitude but opposite direction. This will result in an entropy generation of 0.4 kJ/K. The negative sign for the entropy generation indicates that the reverse process is impossible. To complete the discussion, let us consider the case where the surrounding air temperature is a differential amount below 100°C (say 99.999 . . . 9°C) instead of being 25°C. This time, heat transfer from the saturated water to the surrounding air will take place through a differential temperature difference rendering this process reversible. It can be shown that Sgen 0 for this process. Remember that reversible processes are idealized processes, and they can be approached but never reached in reality. Entropy Generation Associated with a Heat Transfer Process In Example 7–21 it is determined that 0.4 kJ/K of entropy is generated during the heat transfer process, but it...
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